Quick Wins in My Project

My project team and I have been charged with bringing the rest of our organization into the SharePoint/O365 realm by the end of the year. Working with ten departments and plenty of different personalities. Getting to know individuals has lent us opportunities to make decisions on how we want to hand off solutions to stakeholders.

One method I had stumbled upon is handing off one solution at a time. After providing a light proof of concept to a department, they became so excited they asked if they could begin using it at that instance. Luckily, I had created it on their own site, with permissions locked down, so it was just a matter of granting the team access.  They took to the solution like a fish to water, no training, no questions… just hit the ground running.

After spending some time thinking about it, I remembered why the solution was such a hit. The department spends a large amount of time downloading, faxing, and emailing documents to various other stakeholders. They were so ecstatic to be placing this information in one place and giving alerts to the departments that needed it! Who needs that old fax machine anyways… it’s 2015.

The beauty in this method is that we have saved time and funding on training. I’m seeing end users willing to take this one small nugget and run with it while I continue to work in the background on other useful solutions for them. The department’s realization of value is growing, seeing the “what’s in it for me” early on has helped our project team earn trust and goodwill with this stakeholder. That is my success story of the week!

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