Nintex InspireX Overview

Nintex wrapped up their first product based conference last week. Located at the Aria Resort in Las Vegas, NV there was plenty of learning, networking, and inspiration that happened in a matter of a couple days. I’ve packaged up a couple of my highlight moments that stood out to me.

The conference was a blast! Meeting various levels of Nintex users was a great way to see how an organization can implement the product.


Monday TekDog Workshop – I had a great time Monday morning hanging out with Jason Keller. The main take away was utilizing form based solutions rather than heavily relying on task based workflows. Utilizing this idea dramatically changes your workflow to rely on changing fields rather than waiting on approvals. When utilizing a form based approvals you’ll want to remember to always enable versioning on your list as well as appending changes in your comments field… Which I’m somewhat bummed out Jason forgot to utilize my multi-line text field joke…

I’ll just save it for the day when I get to present to groups!


John Burton, CEO Keynote – It is so exciting to hear people talk about how IT departments are changing, how information worker jobs are changing, and how the work world can be transformed utilizing workflow, mobile, forms, and more. As for the organization I work with I’m looking to utilize many of these features in our departments that are highly mobile such as the facilities/maintenance, natural resources, language and culture, education and more. Mobile first approaches will change how we are looking to develop out citizen portal. We are currently working towards building a life-centric portal many of the products and services discussed will better help in this goal.

Document Generation is an exciting concept to wrap into the O365 environment. A main concern from a development perspective is that 50 document generations… that’s only going to get you through testing. Since we don’t generate boatloads of documents I don’t see this feature being heavily utilized in our environment.

As an IT department we are seeing the push to become infrastructure support and the agile design/development sectors. As our staff becomes essentially two subsections we see challenges in communication. Individuals working in infrastructure move at a very different pace than the agile development members which is understandable. Old IT was slow is slow as Burton had mentioned “ERP projects would take a couple years in order to fully implement”.  Working in the agile group myself, we worry about a per work-process basis and rolling out quick wins in departments to better service their needs, which is very exciting.

2242016 1149 AM Office Lens(1)

Hawke’s Bay Regional Council, Anthony Gouder – Business process optimization! This session really got us excited as an organization. Realizing the quick wins we can layout is really how we are going to get to an ROI. Since we are working in a similar lateral to Hawke’s Bay it was interesting to see the reduction of full-time employees needed to complete tasks, this is how we can invigorate buy in with a message of concentrating on what you like to do and not the paperwork. Anthony has done a great job developing a small team to help out with the optimization of his organization, kudos to you sir!20160223_133814_resized

Nintex for O365 State of the Union, Alex Burton & Satish Kumar – These guys got a round of applause from all of us O365 users…

  1. Managed Metadata finally being incorporated into workflows in Nintex… THANK YOU!!! As an organization we heavily utilize MMD for document storage, lists, and more. This development is going to reduce redundancy of columns within our farm, which will lead to better data analysis further down the road. It has been a pain point of utilizing Nintex for O365 since day one… which thankfully for myself and this organization hasn’t been very long.
  2. Print to PDF – if you think your going to currently print a Nintex form… Don’t. They turn out to be hideous multi-page mess. Printing these forms to a PDF is going to make many of our end users happy… Not sure why you’d need to print our a form, but if it makes them happy – I’m happy.
  3. Multi-Page Forms – Who has a form that is currently 3500 plus pixels? I do… Scrolling gets old. These giant form based approvals are common to our HR department. Since they want to keep various data associated with new hires, orientation, family/maternity leave, and more. Reducing the length and creating multiple pages will save on development time, and scrolling.

2242016 1214 PM Office Lens

Inspirex has been great way to bring the Nintex community together to focus on specific issues, best practices, and networking. I’d like to thank TekDog for the opportunity to attend and learn from different perspectives, it is meaningful to have vendors willing to send you out to meet new vendors in the same market. It shows confidence in their service, work, and customer empowerment. I’m happy to have met individuals from New Zealand, Australia and from all over the United States. The event has brought me back to Michigan excited to reach out to departments in order to experiment with the capabilities of Workflow, Forms, and Mobile.

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