How Nintex has Boosted Our Productivity

Understanding a return on investment can drive excitement through the organization about recent purchases, trainings, etc. Throughout my everyday work I don’t take much time to think about Nintex’s overall value to our organization, I just love working on the product and building. As an organization we have benefitted quite well from deploying the O365 Suite.

I sat down and busted out some numbers to give you an idea of what you can gain – in terms of the numbers.

To give you an idea of our organization:
– Approximately 400 employees – currently 85 are heavy Nintex automation users.
– 14 Departments – including Health Clinic, Court, Police, and Education.
– 5,500 citizens are serviced by the government to some capacity

To give you an idea of our SharePoint O365 Environment:
– Publishing Sites are all interconnected – all employees have capacity to some sort of information about each department
– All departments are provided with a team site to keep department centric content.
– All boards, committees, councils, and commissions have access to team workspaces in SharePoint
– Special project management groups utilize SharePoint
– Full automation has only been provided to 1 council

To give you an idea about our Nintex deployment:
– 25 Workflows and Forms
– 1/2 of these are complex processes – meaning multiple process brought together via site workflows.

To give you an idea of our current employee feelings on automation:
– Human Resources, Education, and Finance has been a large champions of the digital transformation.
– Current backlog of processes in need of automation is approximately 6 months out.
Here’s a numerical break down of our current processes:

Savings Per Request YTD
# of Requests Per Month 200
Cost per Request – for manual processing – average set based on time, cost of paper, and manual storage. $75.00
Total Cost Per Month $15,000.00
Total Annual Costs $180,000.00
Annual Savings – Reduction of employee time by 60% per transaction $135,000.00
Initial Nintex Investment $26,514.90
ROI on Requests 409.16%
Process Cost Savings YTD
# of Requests a Month 200
Average Minutes per Request 30
Total Minutes/Month 6000
Total Hours/Month 100
Average Labor Cost/Hour: For person(s) processing requests $25.00
Total Labor Cost/Month $2,500.00
Annual Labor Costs $30,000.00
Annual Savings $22,500
Productivity Gains YTD
Avg. Hourly Wage $35.00
Min. Productivity Gain(%): Estimate of time saved per employee through process automation. 5
Productivity Gain/Hour $1.75
Estimated Hours/Week 40
Productivity Gain/Week $70
Estimated Work Weeks/year 45
Productivity Gain/Year $3150
# of Employees Utilizing Currently 85
Total Productivity Gain/Year $267,750.00
FTE Saved YTD on 85 employees^ 4.4625
^ We are a nonprofit organization so our goal is give our employees more time to advocate for citizens. The savings of 4 FTE currently relates to departmental directors and mission critical employees having more time to coach front line employees on duties.

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